Ep 86 – World War Z and Wizards Unite

Welcome to The Heroes Tavern. Grab a beer, pull up a chair and settle in for some game banter and laughs.

It’s a bit of a news episode this week with some big stories coming from Oculus, Valve, Epic and more. Nick’s been fighting zombies and World War Z and Josh found out that he’s a wizard!

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Time Stamps

  • 0:03:50 Intro and that Sydney state of mind
  • 0:09:58 News – Sea of Thieves turns 1 year old
  • 0:13:39 News – World of Goo update
  • 0:17:35 News – Psyonix epic acquisition
  • 0:21:45 News – Bioware shifts focus to Dragon Age
  • 0:26:04 News – 5-year Minecraft permadeath death
  • 0:33:30 News – New VR headsets incoming
  • 0:45:20 News – Sonic the Hedgehog movie trailer
  • 0:49:09 News – Borderlands 3 gameplay trailer
  • 0:51:30 Nick plays World War Z
  • 1:02:18 Harry Potter Wizards Unite
  • 1:13:31 Wrap up and goodbye