Ep 71 – Stellaris and Beer

Welcome to The Heroes Tavern. Grab a beer, pull up a chair and settle in for some game banter and laughs.

Wow! Who knew not really playing any new games would make a video game podcast hard? Sam invites himself over to join the boys covering off the news. Nick tells us about his new Stellaris civ, then we all start talking about beer.

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Time Stamps

  • 0:02:29 Intro
  • 0:08:57 News – Game Done Quick raised hella cash
  • 0:10:01 News – Artifact is really becoming one
  • 0:12:08 News – Bungie and Activision are getting divorced
  • 0:17:28 News – There are over 30,000 games on steam
  • 0:24:55 News – Pinkertons going after Rock Star
  • 0:27:34 News – Anthem confirmed to have matchmaking
  • 0:30:29 News – Black Ops 4 Marks of Shame
  • 0:34:23 Sam plays Agar.io and Slither.io
  • 0:35:37 Stellaris Stories
  • 0:48:26 Spaz Stream check-in feat Kingdom Hearts
  • 0:50:57 Overwatch
  • 0:52:06 Talking Beer…yes, really
  • 1:06:24 Wrap up and goodbye