Ep 69 – Look Ahead at 2019

Welcome to The Heroes Tavern. Grab a beer, pull up a chair and settle in for some game banter and laughs.

Happy new year heroes! Welcome to 2019. This week the boys are joined by the voice of LekDog. He’s here to  talk about the year that will be as we look ahead to all the great things that 2019 will surely have to offer

With @HitThatRow

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Time Stamps

  • 0:02:11 Intro, sex jokes and new years
  • 0:07:40 News – Fortnite devs make Epic bank
  • 0:09:29 News – Souja ain’t no Game Boy
  • 0:13:43 News – 2 unknown games from From Software
  • 0:17:57 News – Shock horror, Artifact isn’t doing well
  • 0:20:23 News – Prepare for your Doomba
  • 0:22:26 2019 Gaming Resolutions
  • 0:29:23 Look ahead at 2019 games
  • 1:11:03 Wrap up and goodbye