About Us

Who are you guys? I hear you say. Why should I care about you? Well, that’s a very good question. Despite the name, we are not a physical tavern…yet. We are 3 Aussie guys who enjoy drinking beer and trying to talk about video games. We used to do it just because and thought others may enjoy listening, so now we do it in front of microphones.

Josh (@SpazRus)

Josh is the most qualified of the bunch, with a degree in game design. While he may not use it in his professional life, he likes to pretend he knows what he’s on about (although he rarely does). Josh is also the runt of the litter and is constantly copping it from the others, but he’s generally a good sport about it.

Callum (@HitThatRowdyy)

Responsible for the booming openings and just being a top notch bloke (also probably responsible for the first C-bomb of any given episode). An IT consultant by trade Callum started talking with Josh about collaborating on some creative outlets, eventually landed on a podcast combining two of his favourite things, Beer and Games. Callum has been playing video games on/off most of his life and loves an opportunity to get immersed into a story driven epic.

Nick (@thebsmuffin )

Nick may not be the smartest in the group, or the prettiest, or the fittest, or the most qualified, but he does buy the beer. Nick contributes very little to the podcast and often sidetracks the group, some say he doesn’t even like video games, but at least it keeps things interesting. Nick’s addition to the podcast was an afterthought and is often thought of as the worst decision the podcast has made so far.